My sister and me weren’t really allowed to eat junk food growing up.  When I was maybe nine years old and she was ten or eleven, we started to be allowed to stay home alone with no babysitter. One of our first times staying home alone, mom allowed us to pick out a favorite snack at the grocery store for when we stayed home. I picked Cheetos, because they are one of God’s finest creations! I felt so special because I got to eat Cheetos, not at a friends house or in the school cafeteria, but in my own house! I ate the WHOLE bag. Yep, I sure did. Mom comes home, we are excited to see her and give her a hug. Mom asks, “How was you day”? We reply, “Good”. She opens the pantry, “WHERE ARE THE CHEETOS I BOUGHT YOU”? I turn red and look down…. She screams (sounds disgusted), “Get outside, now. Don’t come back in until you’ve burned enough calories off from eating all those effing Cheetos”.

Okay cool….I guess I’ll just jump on the trampoline until I pass out.

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