creative hearing

mostly ignoring monster quest (cryptozoology interests me, but i am a serious skeptic. prove it. i’ve experienced some pretty off the wall things over the years. enough to prove to me there’s stuff out here, but let’s see the proof. until then it’s all just an intriquing mystery) ¬†last night and they were talking about sasquatch. they mentioned another term for the creature is the abominable snowman. the silly person that rules my being misheard it on purpose and went ‘what if’ then i was struck by the immediate need to draw it.

i HAVE to mention, this is only the 2nd and 3rd time in my life i’ve ever even tried to draw a fox and the 1st time i’ve ever had any reason to draw a snowman, let alone a semi ripped snowman LOL

still nothing. 6 months. i’m hanging in there. in 3 days i do the rest of the detox thing. that’ll bu me about a week of miserable i’m guessing. so starting tomorrow i go on semi-fasting until further notice.

One thought on “creative hearing”

  1. yeah yeah i know. i was tired and the scanner slid. it says ‘he’s been working out’ and the multiple l’s on ‘llLADIES!’ is meant to evoke the whole lounge lizard sleazy semi drunken leer that i’ve ALWAYS ‘heard’ that said as (sadly, i’ve heard it in real life a couple times to and shot em down HARD)

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