DHD (entry 1.2)I’m

When you rise, people from your past prop up. They don’t always or usually reply like the supporters around you do. They may not even respond at all. They lurk. Looking, seeing, and sizing your surroundings. Both amazed, yet unsettlingly settled into what they think they may able to accomplish.

There’s video of Drake I saw many years ago. Not a music video, but just some footage. He was back stage talking to a fan on the phone while unexpectingly Keri Houston walked up. She stepped into Drake’s conversation like Adina Howard into a 90’s tinted sausage fest, expecting him to stop the presses on her behalf. Well, he turned away silently, and continued on with his conversation with whomever he was on the phone with. She left hurriedly. The astonishing thing is that I never heard much from her since, and the more settling thing was that I knew it. Today at the gym I saw Lauren. She did n’t ignore me, but she also did n’t speak. It’s amazing how ugly those who you thought were so pretty. I’m thankful for my resolve & knowledge of self. Minutes later, an offer for more promotion of my single arrived.

I iced my ankle. It looks better, though it feels even more sore. But in all honestly, if it was n’t this, it’d be something else. Got a lot to do. Resting while working. 🙂

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