DHD (entry 1)

Aug. 21, 2015

I’m definitely amid one of those periods where I feel as though I’m being targeted by angels. No matter what I do, something is there to drain away any happiness or settling into a feeling of being ok. My ankles are continuing to hurt, and they occasionally switch ankles, and the thoughts I think or choices I make curtail pain toward them. I’ve been removing names from my affirmations because I think I’m being purposefully hurt. My dad has started approaching me again, and he always approaches me about one thing, the car or money affiliated with that. I think it is time to meet with James Prince and his son. Something different, I guess.

Some of these hurt because they were really cool, but… Names deleted: Catherine, Isis’s, Maddi, Priscilla, Olivia, Heather, Ms. Zappas, Chrisitian, Deb”s, Dill’s mom, Jodee, Tammy, Catherine. Removing many of these hurt, because they really helped me once…

I prayed again, about my ankles and my car tires. That’s two times in one week. 🙂

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