He’s fallen and he can’t get up…

I was a freshman in college… My dear friend since I was in middle school desperately needed my help.  We were ready to go out for a girls night on the town, or something of that nature.  I came to her house so we could drive together. She said, “Rachel, I need you to come inside.  My dad fell in the shower and I’m not strong enough to lift him up.” (A little backstory, Mr. Jones has a drinking problem, I think it’s because he has been really sick and that’s how he copes.) So, I bolt inside, and there he is. Mr. Jones was laying on the shower floor, in his birthday suit, laughing because he couldn’t help himself back up.  *In I go*… I lift him up, while my friend held a towel over his private parts. I got him to stand up so he could get dressed.  While my friend ran to the other room for a quick second, Mr. Jones looks at me and says, “Geez, Rachel, you have SUCH a pretty face”.

I rest my case.

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