i have a new houseguest and i’ve invited him to stay. that is not a photo of MY  new buddy, but that’s what he is. a Skink. Ohio 5 lined to be specific. adorable little rascal. he’s only little more than a hatchling and too damn cute. i was just talking to someone the other day about how friendly and social lizards can be. this one has let me pick it up twice and pet it while it was on the windowsill, then later on the floor. i just hope Zap doesn’t kill him.

so. anyone have any suggestions for a name? i keep saying him and i’m pretty sure it is (females tend toward browns and he’s got more sparkly greeny blue in his colouration)

i was just lamenting wishing i could get another pet lizard because i miss having one (Angel has a bearded dragon and i used to have a gecko, but i’ve owned a blue tailed skink, multiple anoles and an iguana). i guess the Gods have decided i’ve earned one and i was sent one. i smelled burning and went to go look out the artroom window to see if some idiot was running a grill on a balcony (which is not legal here and more than a little dangerous) because i found this little rascal just basking on the windowsill. how fucking cool is that?

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  1. Oh I don’t know, I’m rubbish at names. Best to go on characteristics. Eg. I had a pet rat that was huge and decided to call him Arnold. Reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger haha

  2. well, like the late great George Carlin used to say ‘it’s a small world, but i wouldn’t want to have to paint it’ (chortles) or maybe are you a Turtles fan? i’m in the 2K3 forums all the time.

  3. ahhhhh! that was it! a fellow turtles fan! I’m Leopararouen, you know! as in the original Raph fangirl? yup.
    so how’s the UK right now? (hehe don’t worry. i won’t say your real name or email addy though yes, as a commenter on my blog it does give me that information) i’m from wales and haven’t been back in the uk since 1989. i miss it sometimes.

  4. the weather’s not SO bad right now. i’m allergic to UV so it’s too sunny for me to be outside at all (which sucks because i have to run an errand here in a bit) it’s the people i have issues with. most of the people in this area are tiny minded religious freakshow scumbags desperately trying to screw everyone that isn’t just like them over as hard as possible with no lube and it sucks. if i could leave, i would. but with my condition, i can barely get out of the flat let alone move house.

  5. you know, A, my email addy is listed on here. why not just swing by and talk if you like? i’m supposed to go run a short errand here in a bit but Chris and Branden were out fairly late and i doubt they’re even awake yet.

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