You know what I wish? I wish that when I was 159 pounds that everyone JUST LEFT ME THE EFF ALONE. I haven’t been that weight in almost ten years, but you know what?? I FELT AMAZING. I wore a size NINE in pants. That’s pretty damn acceptable to me. I was healthy. In shape. I was also fourteen years old. But I was developed, endowed lol. I was still heavier than the other girls at my high school. But looking back, WHO CARES? I’ve always kinda sorta been on a forever diet, you know, “watching” what I eat so I don’t become even fatter. My aunt X told me, “to keep up the good work and keep losing”. EFF OFF, you plastic nothing. You are skinny because you smoke cigarettes and use the gym all day. The only other time besides this that I truly felt healthy and “just right” was when I was twelve. I had just gotten my period and naturally just became thinner. Then the problem boobs arrived.

I’m not comfortable saying how much more I weigh now then I did ten years ago. But it’s a heck of a lot more.  There’s a saying, “I wish I was as fat as the first time I thought I was fat”. I couldn’t agree more.

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