I am a woman of God. It took many years, but now as a twenty-something-year old, I pray and ask for guidance. With that being said… We were raised Catholic. Went to CCD (religion class) once a week and attended mass on Sundays. According to the Catholic church, I have done everything “right” as a Catholic woman besides being married in the Catholic church. I was baptized, received The First Eucharist (Communion), and was confirmed.  After Grandma Bea died, we did slowly stopped going to mass, which really bothered me. It was consistent and I enjoyed it most Sundays. For Monday night CCD class, me and my friend Jackie would carpool. We loved going to 7-11 to get slurpies whenever we could. Of course, I had to lie to mom and tell her I got a Diet Pepsi slurpie, which I truly don’t even think existed.  One time, on the way home from CCD, I asked mom if we could stop to get a slurpie. This really wasn’t an unordinary request. When my sister Macy and her friend Carly went to CCD, we would all go then too. I don’t know if she was angry at me or what, but she goes, “Rachel, do you always have to be thinking about food”?

Never again, I tell you. Never again.

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