Voices Unheard.

My Boyfriend has tried to leave me 3 times already… All with perfect excuses yet he never actually leaves. Yes, I have to admitt I BEG him to think things through but he always comes back. I believe the saying is ” Let Him Go And If He Comes Back Then It’s Meant To Be” But I don’t think the theory says anything about how many times this has to happen for it to be meant to be. But it is quite funny actually because it all ends up the same. He acts funny at night withthat one word text message.. but hold up. when I do the same, I become the bad guy in the relationship. I mean, is it bad enough that I always try to fix it but it is a horrible idea about  thinking to just let him go? He never says he loves me. I always have to say it. Yes I spoil him, I get him his window tinted, I help him wash his car every week, I usually pay for  dinner since he doesn’t make as much as I do but it is seriously bad to just ask for some words of comfort? And when I explain my emotions, he thinks I am being dramatic. Now I don’t even say anything. No “I Love You’s” No speaking my emotions and  I can’t even be the cuddly warm person anymore… I do not want to leave him, I don’t but I don’t even know how he feels towards me but how am I supposed to know how he feels if I can’t even speak up anymore…

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