Whats the matter???

Whats the matter? I get asked over and over until I just want to scream! There’s a list of things that’s the matter but unfortunately those who are asking are to close minded and defensive that talking about it only results in an argument and pisses me off even more. How do you politely tell you’re husband, ” I’m disgusted by your lack of parenting skills and lack of effort towards me!” All my friends are busy and they’re probably sick of hearing it…I’m sick of saying it. I usually read to escape. I need a tree house a private place of my own to just go and chill out. I’m tired of having to stroke people’s ego because they can’t handle my feelings.

One thought on “Whats the matter???”

  1. All the things that are the matter … are you able to isolate at least one where you feel that some action you can generate could affect a positive change? Small steps … cheesy as it sounds … it does help.

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