Seizure-Free 10 years

I am so thankful that I have been over 10 years seizure-free. A miracle? In a way, for sure. Leaving the house was something I rarely did for fear I would get a seizure, especially since my seizures were the type where I lost consciousness. To me, they represented a kind of prison, where you were constantly patrolled by watchful eyes. I had to be constantly escorted everywhere I went; I couldn’t shower or brush my teeth unless someone was with me, couldn’t be outside at any time without supervision. Being seizure-free has been one the most awesome things that has ever happened to me, that I am grateful for every day because I realize what this means when I think about the implications of it all. What seizure freedom meant was not simply freedom from supervision, it also meant the ability to get a license and most importantly, to get an education. Graduating next semester is a dream come true and my love for medicine has definitely been multiplied through my experiencesl

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