Sunday Aug/23/2015

I had a very good sleep last night that I have been wanting to have ever since I came back from NY trip. I got up around 8AM and took a shower cause I didn’t last night lol. Felt good and refreshed! ready to start my day and I’m starting it with going through There are many things to be fixed and improved. I really need to get on to this!

It’s raining Sunday but seems like it will clear up later on. 9:16 AM right now. I need to get ready for church after this then might go out for skating maybe to the Buckingham fountain if people still there to hang out. Got dinner at Phil place tonight and I’m looking forward to have dinner with my favorite people. Some documentations to take care of for next week. I’m glad I got my laundry and journal down yesterday. It makes things very easy today.

Sharing a picture from Friday night skate. It was a lot of fun as always. Especially, after missing out the last one. Great people in a beautiful city. It’s just perfect! It was also a lot of fun to play around with Stephanie. I’m really glad she’s came out for skating and becoming part of the skating family 🙂 Well, actually this goes to every single people in the group!

Seems like the weather is clearing up! Looking forward to have a great day. Hope you do too.

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