1 am thoughts

i know it will sound wierd that i am writing something at 1 pm out of boredom instead of watching porn or playing videogames,the truth is that sometime writing take you to another world maybe facing your true self or maybe creating a new identity. As Oscar wilde said

“give a man a mask and he will tell the truth”

man can not speak truth in his own self he is afraid of the consequences.Fear has always been one of the major part of human psychology but the question is that why do we fear as far as i can think we fear what we cant understand, we fear ourselves. we never know what we are gonna do in the next few minutes well like fear we also love what we dont understand it may sound weird but it is a true in my case the complicated the person the more you fall for him or her.

love is more powerful than hate but it is also more merciless than it. love is like slow poison you know you are dying everyday with fake smile on your face in day and crying on your pillow in the night it is an extraordinary situation where nothing is in your control. you exist but you dont live.

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