Chapter 1 – Saying something stupid

Two days passed until he texted me. We talked about the books we were reading. He gave me his Skype contact and we started writing frequently.

My daily work I do at a department, originating from an old cooperation, close to my home town – as far as there is any “daily work” in science, because what I do is an endliess and ever changing process of planning, performing, documenting and rethinking. The institute I that employs me is located in the capital, 300 miles north from where I live. Three weeks later I had an appointment there.

The Witcher and I met for tea at the train station when I was on my way home. He told me a lot of things about himself that I already knew. As I would tell him months later, it had been pretty unwise of him to choose the same nickname he used in Skype for a dating website, most of all a website where the profile information can be seen without having to log in. Still, I enjoyed him telling me all these things himself. It gave me chance to discuss them, to show him how much we agreed in our views. It gave me chance to let him see how perfect I would be for him. He also told me other stories, things that cannot be found online, about his childhood and youth and how he came to live in the capital. It turned out that he grew up only 50 miles from where I live and he still had family there.

Usually when being with friends I do the major part of the talking. It must have been different on this day at the café with him, because I cannot remember a single thing I said, only me listening to him.

We parted and while sitting in the train I texted him: “You may not understand this now, but you will in time: when it comes to rolling a will save, roll better than I did.”

He replied that he did not understand, though I know he did. He just didn’t dare believe it.

To those of you who are not familiar with RPG terms: I had just told him that something has happened to me despite me trying to avoid it, and asked him not to let the same happen to him.

Effectively I had told him that I had fallen in love with him. It was a particularily stupid thing to do and triggered everything that was about to happen.

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