What a weekend

Sorry i’ve been slacking on the journals over the past 3 days…

This weekend me and my boyfriend got tickets to go and see American Idiot on Broadway. Green Day are his all time favourite band and i am personally a big lover of musicals so we felt that this would be a perfect to do together. But the day ended up being a lot more spontaneous than we first originally had planned out.

After the long drive from Northampton to Southampton on the friday night, I finally got to see my boyfriend!!!! After not being able to see him for a few weeks, it was an amazing feeling knowing that I had got him to myself for the whole weekend. Once dinner was cooked, eaten and cleared up, we settled down for a night in watching the Birmingham-Derby match before going down the pub with his room mates.

An early night was deffo on the cards for us, as he had been working so hard at flight school that day and the driving had knackered me!

The next day, we woke up and got ourselves ready, looking forward to the day ahead. The sun was scorching hot, it had turned out to be a beautiful day! Once we were set, off to London we went.

So this is where the spontaneousness starts..

On the drive up to London, James spotted signs for Heathrow; his favourite place, and wanted to go and take pictures of a few planes for his blog and instagram page, so a little de-tour was on the cards and off to Myrtle Avenue we went. After laying on a massive patch of grass with a picnic blanket for a few hours soaking up the sun staring at planes only metres above our heads, we thought we best set off and brave the london traffic.

Once we had reached our designation, parking was the next issue, we drove round for ages, just getting lost again to try and find a space to park! Luckily, China Town had a multi- story, but for one con, £40!!!!!!!

Me and James’ are defiantly adventure seakers, so instead of just heading out to the venue, we decided to explore the city of London. We traipsed through China Town, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Gardens, Trafalgar Square, then finally headed down to the River Thames for a nice romantic walk.

This is where things got funny! After walking along the bridge, we spotted people playing games on the floor with mats, cups and a ball. We were intrigued and obviously James being James, he had to play!! The trick was, they would trick you and move the balls so you lost your money. 3 attemps, 3 losses, and we walked away!! We were so hooked on this games it was hilarious!!

We then headed for a lovely meal at Bella Italia, before going to the London Arts theatre to see American Idiot Broadway.

I’d had the most amazing day with the most amazing person!

Check out my next journal to see my review and thoughts on the musical!!

Enjoy your day Journalists..

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