First entry. I am a former Open Diary member. Are there any others out here? This site seems an awful lot like OD.  Should I be afraid of it shutting down like OD did? I haven’t written anything to speak of since OD shut down.  Mostly because I had not found a site that I liked. I just want simple. This is nice and simple. I kept my OD name just because I’m used to journaling under that name. The meaning of the name is self explanatory – I am a mother of 2 and once upon a time I ran a marathon.  2 of them actually. I started journaling during the training for my first. At the time I had 2 yr old (S) and a 4 yr old (D). I worked full time in a high stress job. My husband (H) commuted 45 min to work one way. All of this made for very long, exhausting days in our household.  And sadly this also contributed to the deterioration of an already weak marriage.

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