she told me…

Last night my sister in law told me that I was her success story… Five words I have longed to hear and been so afraid that I never would… she told me that even through all of my mistakes all she could see was me rising above them.  She told that she was proud to see me try and hold my marriage together and she was proud to see me let it go when the time came. She told me that she doesn’t see a girl who had a child at sixteen, she sees a woman who had a child at sixteen and turned her life around to give that child the best life she could. She told me that she doesn’t see a struggling single mom but instead a strong single mother working hard to be everything to her daughter.  .  . She has always been my success story.  I have always looked up to and idolized my sister in law. For her to look at me with pride instead of pity and tell me that I am her success story will be something that I will never forget and that I will never be able to perfectly tell or show her how much her words really ment to me. Today my life seems just a bit more beautiful,  today I know that I’m not failing. THANK YOU

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