Carmen’s awesome sticker on skate helmet

A great sticker for skate helmet. I just wanted to share 🙂

Feel little tired this entire week. Got cold sore on Sunday night and it looks gross now. Also lost some skin on my left knee cause I fell down on skate which is healing very slowly. I have been just trying to have as much rest as possible from Sunday night and eat lots of food to fill up the nutrition I need to get over all these things happening in my body. The cold sore always comes out at the worst possible moment lol.

I was going to go to sleep around 9:50PM but had to help someone to use this site. Then I noticed a bug to fix. Not sure how long it will take but I have to do it as soon as possible along with all the updates I have been wanting to do.

One more day at work and day off. Then only have a Friday before the weekend. Got lots of things going on from tomorrow. I rather have good sleep tonight. Goodnight everyone. Sweet dreams 🙂

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