Mother-Daughter Time

My mom and I started on a project together today. We are putting up a backsplash on the kitchen wall. It’s supposed to be one of those self-adhesive backsplashes so it was a rather easy and fun project for the both for us to do together. Since my mom works full-time and is a manager at her company, I rarely get to spend much time with her anymore, so it was really nice to get that time with her away from her work and just catch up on our lives. Sometimes you miss out on the knowing and loving the people who are closest to you. I’m thankful for that time with my mom. We not only did a great job with the backsplash that everyone loved when they saw the finished project, but we also had some great mother-daughter time. Little things like that in life are irreplaceable.  This is a lesson I hope to always keep in mind when I have my own family and if I have a daughter. I’m thankful for this time with my mom and I know how it made me feel so I will always make sure I take out the time to be with my daughter.

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