I drank all of that water sooooo i’ma be running to the bathroom at like 4am lol. Oh well. Anyways.

Today was yet another good day. Decided that tomorrow will be my last day at my current job (although I’m gonna go in this weekend just to clean some things up). I will not be in there on Monday. I’ve gained a lot of experience there. I’m very much grateful for the 4+ years I worked there but when I say it’s time to go that’s what I mean. The building has completely gone down hill and it sad, but that’s what happens when you have a leader that refuses to listen. No matter the case, when your subordinates are in need of essential items to be successful in their roles, it’s up to the leader to make sure they listen and then make the best effort possible to supply them within reason. When it’s doable, do it. When it’s not, provide a solution that is. When you dont, all things will crumble. It’s completely unavoidable thus the unfortunate downfall of the building. I feel bad for those who will be there and have to deal with the bs because they feel that this is all they have. I refused.

In other news, I love meeting and getting to know new ppl. These last few weeks have been like a breath of fresh air through conversation. Definitely contributes to my happiness. The more smiles the better, right?

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