DHD “When The Ones Who Help U, Hurt”

As usual, I’m plagued with another situation directly linked with something I don’t want. This time, which is seemingly a progression of my pain, involves a cluster of negative impressions & instances that usher me into a notion about success. The so called angels or God that we pray for for help, have to also life allegiance to modes versus us.

I’d been really moving successfully amid this current day job, yet I’m now faced with a situation where I have to face off with another person. This time it’s upper management. It’s escalating derogatory. What good comes out of this? I feel like it’s ushering to meet with notorious felons who will at least protect me from such bullshit. I don’t feel like I have any other way to go.

Also, my dad continues to snake ways to use my car, and whenever I need my mom on such situations, she NEVER helps. So, despite me opening up doors & affirming otherwise every day, these situations cannot escape me. It’s forcing me to withdraw or be mean. I have awaken the dark side of me. I have no other choice. I’m being forced to.



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