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Rachel and Randy invited family and friends to join them to celebrate their marriage at a camping reception at Rifle River campground in Lupton, MI the weekend of August 21-23. Pinterest move over! Fun would be an understatement. There were games including a giant wood Jenga game, activities including scavenger hunts, snipe hunts, capture the flag, and watermelon football. The above picture is Jacob holding a greased watermelon, my nephew, Adam, looking to strip it from him, and Zander looking on. There was also river tubing, Kayaking, swimming, hiking, and biking. Everyone exclaimed how much fun they had and that it should be an annual event. In addition, there was a photo booth which was a birch frame hung from a tree and a box of wigs, hats, etc. that folks could use to get their picture taken. There was also face painting and adults lined up as well as kids to get their removable tattoo (Even Granny got puppy paw prints on her arm!). The campground was decorated with pictures and quotes hung from trees and clothes lines. On Saturday, Rachel had a walking taco meal and a s’mores bar for everyone which was a big hit. I can not accurately describe how much fun everyone had. I never heard one squabble or discontent the whole weekend, and there were over 100 people in attendance. My daughter, Rachel, deserves to be crowned the Queen of party planning
Well it is finally here. Jacob’s first football game is tonight against the Bay City West school at Thirlby field. It is official. Jacob has been named Captain of the team!!! All of his hard work has been recognized and rewarded, and this Granny could not be prouder.
My two sisters are coming today. They had planned to come to Traverse City this weekend for a birthday party for my sister’s granddaughter, and I told them to come a day early so they could attend Jacob’s first game. We are less than 8 hours away!! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. You would think I was the kid! Obviously, I will be adding to this journal tomorrow to share the results of the game. Of course, I am hoping to report a win!

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