Oh how I miss you.

I was dreaming of you again last night. How I love that time with you, but as soon as I wake you are gone. It fills me with joy and breaks my heart at the same time. This dream was different. I know some times you tell me we cant be together. I know sometimes you tell me you love me and want to be with me. This dream you asked me to marry you. Almost 10 years later I can still remember your touch, taste, smell, and face. Of course I would marry you. When we kissed in my dream, we didn’t want to stop. If I had a second chance to kiss you, I probably wouldn’t. I hate when I wake and you are not near me. I have never loved any one the way I love you….If you were asking. My answer in my dream is the answer that I would give. Yes……Oh how I miss you.

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