So, what are my real answers to all the previous eight (8) questions:

1. What makes you happy?


Who’s not happy with this? Especially if you get paid from doing what you really love.

2. What depresses you?


This is not about the inability of letting go and moving on. It’s also not about being unable to see them again while you’re still here on earth.
It’s the thought of whether you’d treated them right…and whether they’d already forgiven you for all the wrongs you did to them. It’s also the fear that someday, they’re just going to be nothing more than a fading memory inside your head – a bunch of old tales and images forgotten in the past…
If that ever happens (may God forbid), does that mean you don’t love them as much anymore – and will that ever make you feel guilty? That’s a scary thought.

3. What creeps you out?


You don’t know how to deal with them effectively. In fact, the ONLY effective way is to NOT deal with them – AT ALL…which is impossible. Worst of all, you could also turn into one yourself. (Never say never.) If even the thought of such a possibility scares you, then you’re still in luck.
You don’t know when they’re really telling the truth. It’s not always about saying sweet-nothings to your face while silently stabbing you in the back. They could also scold you for your shortcomings in their harshest manner – yet in reality, they could actually do the same or even worse. They could keep on badmouthing or backbiting other people’s bad behaviour and so – and sooner not later you begin to realise that they might possibly do the same thing to you when you displease them. In other words, no all-saints here – but one can always try to minimise the damage by dealing with them as little as possible…

4. What annoys / angers you?


Okay, okay – so everyone’s got their own problems. We all go through tough times and disagreements over and with one another. It’s okay and perfectly normal to just vent once in a while. We’re only human.
However, when does it get (or is considered) ‘too much’? When one doesn’t stop obsessing over it day and night – day in, day out – talking about it as if there’s no more important topic left to discuss…instead of quietly trying to find a solution to the problem…and just move on…

5. What stresses you out?


Yep, it’s every working adult’s responsibility. The problem? Sometimes you can have more of them than what’s in your account. (This is why financial management education applies to all – not just those who love shopping!)

6. What helps you to relax?


Let’s just face it: there are times when things just don’t make sense at all and we have no control over everything, even ourselves.

7. What scares you?


We all make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. Being unforgiven can only mean trouble for you, even after you have already apologised. (Even worse if you’re unforgiven by God, but hopefully – since God Is The Most Forgiving and Merciful – you still get that chance for as long as you still live.) In the end, you’re bound to pay for everything you did. No one gets away in the hereafter…faithfully-speaking.

8. What makes you giggle?


Nowadays, too many people post negative things online that even the cheesiest feature content articles can wear my eyes out. Funny videos of cats, babies, and dogs? Babies playing with pets? Lion cubs playing or tiger cubs hugging their zoo-keeper? Bring them on!


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