First day of school

Today was the first day of school and yes it was a real struggle to wake up in the morning. Maybe I should have slept much more earlier than 3 am. My dad drop me off at 7:36 am. Usually the doors would be open at 7:30 am but just my luck today the doors were opened at 8:20 am. It wasn’t very cold just a bit chilly but for some reasons my hands were freezing.

Once I got inside of the school I swear there was this voice in my head that whispered “welcome to hell”. I don’t hate school but I feel like maybe one more week off would have been so much better because mentally no one was ready ready this morning to be at school. Everyone was yawning with red and sleepy eyes. The only kids that looked excited I think were the Sophomores. Us Seniors not really.

Second struggle of the day, the locker. The combination just never works. Eventually after a couple minutes of wrestling with it, it opened. I literally threw my things in there and went to get my timetable in the gymnasium.

Yes I’m in chemistry and Physics, it’s going to be a long and hard year. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to handle it because let’s face it I am not one of the brightest kids. I don’t even know how did the school accept me.  While leaving the gym I met Catherine, so we both went to get her schedule. We compared our timetables and we had a lot of classes in common unlike last year, she wasn’t in any of my lessons.

We were asked to go to the first lesson on our schedule, it was Ethics class. The teacher was new, never seen him in the school before. Catherine sat in front I sat behind her and Jane sat next to me. We were having a laugh, talking casually. Everyone in the class were either people from my classes last year or people I’ve seen in the corridors except for one guy. He was definitely new at school.

The teacher introduced himself and talked about the same rules and regulations we’ve been hearing since forever. He even made us visit the entire school. During the visit my friend and I talked to the new guy. we asked him his name, from which school did he come from. He seemed like a nice guy. I really hope he gets along with the nice kids of the school and for people to be nice to him. I don’t think being new as a senior is fun because everyone else already know each other. I don’t want him to feel left out, I know the feeling and it’s really not cool.

After the tour, I organised my locker, at least for the first few days of school it will look civilised.  Catherine did the same but afterwards she went to chill with her friends who use to be my really close friends too  but not anymore. I went home sweet home.

I hope this year will go by nicely without too much drama and disappointments. Paige and I might not be friends anymore but I really wish her to have a great year with or without me. She deserves all the happiness in the world.

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