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Captain Jacob’s first football game was last night against Bay City West at Thirlby field in Traverse City. His fan section included his Mom, Randy, my two sisters, Carol and Connie, my nephew Adam, and his daughter, Adrianna, Uncle James, Zander, and of course me – Granny. Our excitement was palpable pierced intermittently by a flatulent spectator whose odoriferous gifts were the highlights of his or her’s last meal. It occurred to me that the stands could use a Referee who could throw a flag for foul play. A 10 yard penalty could be invoked moving the guilty party to the parking lot or at least down wind from the stands. It was a game for the senses!
Prior to the game, Granny took a lot of ribbing for her ability to cheer. It was pointed out that no one was sitting in front of me as their ears, as well as, his/her nose would be assaulted. I only have one thing to say – I resemble that! And, I don’t feel one bit guilty.
Jacob’s first game was everything I had hoped for, and it was a great season opener. How thrilling to see Captain Jacob walk onto the field for the coin toss. Bay City won the toss and elected to kick the ball to the Trojans in the first half. It did not take the Trojans long to make their first touchdown including the extra point putting the first 7 points on the board. The team looks great this year. Great running, great passing and of course great blocking. It did not take Bay City long to realize Jacob was a force to be reckoned with and before long they had 2 to 3 guys attempting to stop him. And, Jacob held his own. To quote his Uncle James “Jacob is like a freight train.” Jacob plays first string offense and defense so he had little time off the field until the last quarter when the lead was such that the Coach was giving his second string players time on the field. Ah, but I get ahead of myself. The Trojans continued to rack up touchdowns and points. The team was functioning like a well oiled testerone machine and their plays were excecuted beautifully. By half time, the score was Trojans 28 to Bay City 0.
In the thrid quarter, the Trojans kicked the ball to Bay City, and Jacob was now facing 3 opponents on the line as they tried to keep him at Bay. By the beginning of the fouth quarter, the Trojans had 42 points on the baord to Bay City’s 0. This game was proving to be a total humiliation for Bay City, and Coach Schugars decided to put in his second string players. Those boys deserved to play. They too showed up for all the practices, but the difference in skill level was apparent. Bay City was finally able to score their first touch down including the extra point which put 7 points on the baord for them. They scored a second touch down but the Trojans were able to break through their line and block the kick so no extra point. The final score for the night – Trojans 42 Bay City 13.
The coach was so pleased with Jacob’s performance he gave him a chest bump after the thrid quarter. Granny went down on the field after the game and gave him her version of a chest bump – a big hug, which requires standing on tippy toes to reach him.
I had several pictures to share but experiencing technical difficulty in getting them uploaded so pics will follow. (Was able to add pictures – Top picture is my sister Connie, Jacob, and Mom Rachel. Second picture is Captain Jacob walking onto the field for the coin toss.)
Next game is in Marquette on Friday, September 4th. Normally you could not get me anywhere near the bridge on Labor Day weekend, but this Granny would row a boat to get there if that is what it took!
Bragging Granny signing off for now!

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  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! To the players (especially #78), fans and family–congratulations on a marvelous start! Sounds like a great new coach! We’ll talk soon for even more details!

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