Let me not dishonor you….

Sitting by the window looking out upon a world that I am no longer a part of.
Seeing a light I can no longer feel.
Dreaming, dreaming about everything that is gone from me.
The faces that I will no longer see, the words I can’t say, the memories slowly fading away, but the pain stays as an reminder of the forgotten.
You can’t see my scars, at least not the ones that matter, for they are hidden too deep. Now let everything turn to dust, let it all pass from this place and I with it, melting like snow into your hands, ahh I long to die, these thoughts of darkness ever darker still. Now take the sword and cut me down like the bamboo. Let the time move quickly, let the thinking move outwards with my soul. Let it be done now! There are no more songs to sing, the blue bird has left me, my memories of you are fading fast.
Let it end, the air from my lips, let me not dishonor you any further.

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