Lately idk how to explain even how i feel because well, lets face it I havent.My mind right now is set on work, chloe, and sleep. I honestly dont care about my relationship status, sex or partying. Im just at the point in my life im numb. I havent figured out if its a good or a bad thing. Before i was too emotional everything,  and anything  pissed me off. Now i just dont care. Im not sure where i even belong sometimes. When i laugh,  i dont feel the emotion of being “happy” . At times  it sucks,  and at time its the most amazing feeling because i just dont care. It scares  me though  because at times i feel like i can stay like this. No worries? Well why not? Theres so many things that i can and feel safe putting emotions too obviously as far as my child goes. But other then that.. i dont see the point anymore.

Goodnight !


💖 sarah

One thought on “Numb”

  1. You are not numb. You just don’t care because you choose to not care. Maybe because you are tired of caring things and appreciating them. But don’t be.

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