Numb: Now u might break…

I long so much to feel nothing at all. To have nothing at all on the inside of me. No anger or rage. No hate or frustration. No disappointment. Nor pain or regret. No grief, nor guilt over what I did, over what I didn’t do. No sorrow. Take this sadness form my eyes. No love to hope for. No joy, no happiness, nothing to relish, nothing to miss. Nothing to lose. Nothing to enjoy, nothing that I kiss. Nothing to hope for, so there’s no longing for it. Nothing to wish for. Nothing to cry over so there’s no tears. No death, so nothing that I lost from it. No desire, no passion, no sex, no drugs, no liquor, No food, no water, no hunger, no thirst. No thoughts so no madness. Just nothing… this is what I wish….Now u might break to hear this, but I just want to be numb.

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