Random words set…

( These are random things I wrote, I will place them here for now until they become more, then I may place them elsewhere.. I will also re-edit or change – these ones here- so all is not final)
Always an unmoving, unbreakable, unshaken one I am. Shadows of darkness call, I use it as my power. The pain my will to fight, the sadness my music, the loneliness my ever present reality. I am the one of legends long ago. I am immortal, cursed for all of time.
Bear the cross
Shout my name
Hold your eyes
Scream in vain

Drowning shadows, the darkness covers my skin, the blood burns within.

I lay on a bed of nails
just waiting
for it
to tear me
What is it that I have become?
Am I good? or evil?
Am I an angel? or an devil?
Am I alive? or dead?
What? when? where? how?
What is it that I have become?

“And you shall be a mirror to my sadness…while everything within me bleeds,my angel you shall cry tears of blood for the one who can’t.


Smile O dear heart, smile O peace of loss, smile O dreams a float, smile and give me hope.
I want to hold you where you have not been touched and kiss you unending. To give you something no one has, a peaceful sleep forever. A rest forever in my arms…that if you fade away….if you die, you will be in my arms for unending time. Us together always…….TK

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