The boy before

(As featured in the The Kane Chronicles, not to be confused with Percy Jackson)
I was then quite different from the creature I am today.Then still naive to the world’s cruelty, to how tainted it is, or that I would become. But let me start back to when it all happened and how I met her. I was 16 years old, an outcast, a runaway. Looking for what all teenagers do, acceptance. Something I did not find in my own family. I was on the streets for awhile, following any crowd that struck my interest. I remember it was a cold night when I met Pyralis. I almost ran into her by accident. I remember her eyes were like fire, I could sense it in the air, and all around me, darkness burning like that which I could only imagine hell being. I knew somewhere deep inside that she was not human. Still I did not know what she was at that time. She saw my longing, my need to belong. I followed her like a sheep on the way to the slaughter house. I was bewitched by her, an outward flare of beauty and peace, when in reality, she was a hellish beast out for blood. I wandered into her house greeted by many others, all smiles upon their faces. All rooms, no windows. All halls, no lights. Red and black dressed every part of the house. I stayed there for what amount of time, I do not know. I only remember what followed after. It was late, everyone was winding down from a party. I walked pass a set of doors, just as I always did, on the way to my room. I saw a door half opened. “Odd” I thought to myself. Looking inside, I saw Pyralis holding someone tightly upon their back. It was too dark for me to see this person, however Pyralis was facing the door. Her face in clear view of my eyes. I fell in shock by what I saw. Sticking out of her mouth were two long serpent like fangs, fangs that were sunk inside the neck of this person. Blood elapsing onto the floor. I watched in horror as the one she was holding collapsed before my eyes, all the while fearing I would be next. I wanted to scream, I wanted to run. But I couldn’t even move. My human heart, running laps inside my chest. I just stood there. Then just minutes later her victim gets up. By this time I am so fearful, seeing the amount of blood loss, how is he still alive?, I thought to myself. “Why not join us?” she said, a ever dark smile upon her face. “Join what?” I managed to mumble. “Join me and my family”, she said softly. “Become one of us, never again will you be alone, feel pain, or be in want for anything, I can help you”, she said so endearing. My mind was racing, my heart still pounding so hard that I felt I would pass out. Pyralis grabs me by the shoulders, sitting me down in a large arm chair. I sat there for I don’t remember how long, thinking about what world I was to become apart of. Knowing well that I would never leave that place the way I came in. So she wasn’t human, I thought to myself. I could belong here. I could be a part of their family. I mean here was a family that accepted me for me. So what if they are different. With one thought replaying over in my mind, “No more pain”. I became a vampire. Yes they always make you believe this, that one could become numb as a vampire. I fell for it and I was turned. It was violent and painful, I lost my human self, I became a child of the night. I wandered in the shadows, seeing every dark thing, trying to find a new place to belong. While just like that, Pyralis left me to the hell she brought me in.

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