Xanthe the world of the vampires

Xanthe was our home world, a place of magic and freedom, painted in colors of purple skies, pink trees, grounds of yellow, and red water, it was blood enough for us all. We did not need to hunt. No one judged anyone else. Yes Xanthe was a beautiful place for us Vampires, Our home where we did not need anything…. then the vampire hunters came and destroyed it…they took a lot of us, destroying our forms with magic that was not their own…yes many of us lost our ties to the world…. this is how we came to earth. then we took humans and their forms… this is how it happened…no one knows how the hunters found our world…Our land was taken from us. I came to learn of this by a blood tie with a vampire named Musha one of the last one’s to see our world. there is rumors that it still stands…but no one knows for sure.

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