Feeling Fresh

I had a good breakfast this morning before leaving the house, my meal had enough rice along with some meat to stuff me up pretty well. I arrived to school, I don’t have worry as I rush to my classroom in which I mostly do, I had enough time to have another meal before class, even though I ate my breakfast this morning I still can’t resist the Noodles they were serving from one of the take out restaurants inside Lawton bus terminal, the restaurant was called “HONG KONG STYLE NOODLES”, and I think it’s a really cheesy name. I buy food from there almost everyday, they cook the noodles using oil and the serve it in a wide plastic cup, the putting of sauce is self service, you get to choose different sauces you want to mix in, my favourite sauce was the garlic chili, I put lots of it in my noodles because I usually like spicy food, I think it’s just amazing, it’s so good and has a good price of 35 pesos, it fits well to my budget, even the drinks they have are really cheap, I often buy the black gulaman which is 12 pesos. I was stuffed and I feel ready for school.

As I head on my way to Mapua, I felt clean, fresh, and calm, giving myself the feeling of being proud as a student of MIT. As I wore my ID I felt like a true MIT student, and I felt ready for what’s coming telling myself I can handle anything. I tried to put myself on my best posture as I walk to my Filipino class, I sat down on my assigned seat and I felt ready for anything. But the our professor in Filipino haven’t seemed to be absent, he hasn’t been entering the classroom for over 30 minutes already and most of my classmates decided to leave the class already.

Me and a couple of people including my friends decided to use this remaining time in class to chill for a while. Until now Angela still isn’t talking to me though she was always talking with this other guy named Reden, it’s like she found her new close friend or something and just completely forgot about me. I told myself I shouldn’t always depend on Angela as if she’s my only friend, I have to remember I do have other friends, I spent some good time with Elwin and Paulo, we had an early launch together at one of the fast food restaurants by the Intramuros, I had a good meal of some sizzled chicken and 2 cups of rice, I ate a lot! but I enjoyed it. After the meal Elwin had to go home because of diarrhea, he will be skipping the rest of the classes we will be having today.

There was group who reported in CoE class, one of guys reporting reminded me of my last report, the guy looked a little lost with words and looked a bit nervous, but I could say he still did it a kinda better than me, probably because of his louder voice and was able to keep the lecture going long enough.

After our last class had finished, Angela didn’t seem to wait for me and the rest of our friends any more, she just left early with our female friend Kaila. I had the option to walk home with Paulo but I just decided to walk alone. Every time I come out of the exit from Mapua, I would usually have to choose from two different paths leading to the Lawton bus terminal, the path to the left is the shortest and easiest way to the terminal, and I usually use that way when I walk alone, while the path to the right is a lot longer but that’s where most of my friends walk home, so I usually use that way when I want to walk with someone. Well when I walk home alone, I would often buy myself a Shake to keep me happy as I walk by myself. Even though the price is a bit high for me costing 60 pesos, I don’t usually worry about losing some of my extra money from buying Shakes, as long as it makes me happy and satisfied it’s okay.

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