The Flood after the Game Fest

I planned to wake up as early as 6:00 am but I think that I should get some good 8 hour rest, I haven’t slept long enough for a long time, and I think should have better energy for today. I woke up at 8:00  am, then surfed around the internet for dozens of minutes using my mobile, then I prepare my self for school and left the house at 10:30 am. I was worried I won’t get to school by 12:00 pm, but I thankfully I got there around 11:30 am. I had enough time to eat one of my favourite noodles I often buy at one of the take out restaurants, I always think that eating those would give me enough extra energy to help me do certain activities for the day.

As I walk to school, I saw some poop that was by the base of a lamp post, it was the one I saw yesterday, and it turned white, it kinda looked like it turned into stone with it’s greyish white texture with some cracks on it, is that what happens to poop when it had been exposed to the air for a day?, I’ve been observing a lot lately.

I arrived to my NSTP class, and I saw something written on the white board and it said something like “eat your lunch and come to class before 12:30 pm”. Well I’m unexpectedly early today. Angela didn’t greet me as I come to class, it’s like we never knew each other, she’s still like that, she barely talked to me. She get’s to talk more to different people especially Reden, although Reden’s the one who kept approaching her, they seem to be having fun together, they watched some anime together on Angela’s smartphone as I just sit right beside them, well I sitting beside Reden, he was by my right side, and Angela is at the next right seat.

My classmate Ian activated the projector and put on the movie “Big Hero 6”, we watched it as wait for our Professor to arrive, he messed around to some student’s who were just arriving to class saying that we should write a reaction paper with 1,000 sentences for the movie that was showing. Well they would hardly believe what that guy’s saying.

By then, the Professor finally arrived and assigned us to write a couple of essays, I was thinking I would be good at this since I write a lot on my journals. But it takes time for me to think and write it on paper because, I want to make sure my essay would be legit as possible. Others have been writing more words faster than I am, and I feel like being left behind, I should really develop some good speed in thinking and making up my mind. By sometime Angela finally talked to me but it isn’t that much, she just asked how my essay looked like. The Professor put on some sound trip for class as we do our work, he was playing some EDM music which was really cool. He even let us watch a TV show from You tube which was “Eat Bulaga”

Class ended around 3:00 pm, the Professor gave us the option whether we can go home or stay and continue watching the TV show. Well I wanted to leave and  I walked home with some of my classmates Paulo, Kaila, Bruce, Abigail and Lanz. Angela seemed like she would want to stay and continue socialising with Reden, I didn’t just left without waving goodbye to her, she waves back, well at least she still does that.

I took the path to right since most of my classmates use that way, because I felt like I needed to be with some people, I had a good little chit-chat with them, it’s good to socialise with people.

I didn’t directly went home I stopped by SM Center of Muntinlupa, I wanted to buy some notebooks and pens for myself. There was something going on at the Event center. It was some kind of talent show, I stayed and watched a performances, there was a small dancing contest, the contestants were girls, and most of their dance moves included twerking which is to mainstream these days. After that there some singing and dancing and then there was Game Fest being held it was a game of DOTA. The match was being watched on a projector, it was my first time seeing something like this. I told my Mom along came to the SM center along with my sister, to meet me, but first she needs to buy something from the groceries, and I would just wait for her as I watch the match. My neighbour Mico saw and greeted me, and we had a little chit-chat from there, and then DOTA match ended, I went with my family and decided to eat at Mcdonald’s, I ordered the shake shake fries I wanted along with a medium sized burger, by some time I looked out the window and I saw heavy rain outside, you can’t barely hear what’s going on outside but it’s been raining like crazy it caused a flood in our division’s streets. We had a tough time walking home, I caught a cold from being wet from the rain, walking on the flood was a new unique experience for me.

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