The page of positive

This is going to be the weirdest and possibly the hardest also, that I am ever going to write.

This is my page of positive stuff about myself. I am going to try and write down things about myself, that I think of as a good thing. That’s not going to be very easy, but well.. Even if I could only Come up with one single thing, it would still be one positive thing..

Here goes..

First thing about me, that might be a good thing, is that I am honest. I don’t know Anyone who’s half as honest as I am. I think it’s important to have your integrity in order and I like to think that I have that.

The next thing, is that I am a Caring person. Some people actually say that they see that in my eyes. Truth is I do care A lot about others and their well being -often more than I care about myself. I care about stuff that happens to the people Who are close to me, and sometimes it takes up so much space in my head, that I really do forget myself a little… It is really both a positive and a negative site of me I think.

The third thing, might be my incredibly power of knowing people before I actually do. I see details that no one else notice and it does that I am ususally one step a head of everybody to tell them if someone might be bad news..

I notice even the smallest change in people behavior and It’s like having this button, that automatically goes off if something is not right.

The fouth thing, is that I am creative.. I am always on the look out for a good scenery for pictures. I draw a good scetch. So good that I actually got paid a few times to do portaits. The thing about being creative isn’t just in drawings and taking pictures, (which isn’t really tha much of a creative thing) I also do a lot of writing. Nothing specific, nearly just everything that comes to mind. I wrote a novel when I was back in school, my teacher always said, that I could be an amazing writer some day, with the imagination that I had. My mom always said that my imagination would probably be the one to drive me Completely nuts some day. She never had much understanding to anything.

Well I ran out of positive things just now. That’s four and that pretty good, when you junk of the fact that I am always focusing on the negative things..

Now I can look at this in the morning and I might think I was stupid for writing this. Maybe I will delete it and feel so ashamed that I really thought those things that I mentioned were actually important.

2 thoughts on “The page of positive”

  1. The fact that you were able to come up with four positive things about yourself was GREAT. Cause for most of us we can only say one thing positive about ourselves. By writing those things down about yourself it makes you BRAVE. Sometimes we forget how important we are to ourselves. After reading “The page of positive” I think we should make this a daily thing were each day on this site we have a “page of positive” were everyone goes on and says positive things about themselves. I think that that Journal entry will help people believe that in the good that is within them

  2. Thank you so much for the feedback. I waited a few days after i wrote it, then came back and read it again. I think youre right. Sometimes I think we all forget the good things, while the bad is happening. So everybody should do this for their own sake, just so they might remember how important they Truly are to the world.

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