Every where I go I feel like I don’t fit in, which is fine. I’m just tired of feeling I can’t tell anyone how I really feel. If I could I would lay in bed and never get up. . . But I can’t do that because I have to many people that count on me and I can’t disappoint any one. The more I look at people the more I just feel like I’m an old doll that’s thrown out after they use me. The sad part is that’s true I can’t think of even one time where someone put me first; I will always feel second best. Yeah I know I should always put my self first but that’s hard when you’re a caring person and put every one in front of you. Also I am my own worst critic. I will always feel like I’m not good enough for anything, no matter how much I’m told that I did an amazing job on something. How are you supposed to feel when you feel like no one is listening to you. Half the time I don’t know why I even talk because either the other people can’t hear me (because I’m soft spoken) or someone is talking over me. So I’m never heard. How are you supposed to find your way when everyone pushes you back and you try your hardest to push through but can’t. I’m just tried. . . Tired of life.

One thought on “Lost”

  1. Never be tired of life because it’s the best gift God had given to us. And we are the same but I’ve never been tired of life. I also always put people first before me. I always feel that I am deserve on the second place. When no one listen to me, I will talk to myself and talk to my diary by writing everything though I know it won’t answer to me.

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