Stuck In My Own Head. Help?

Lately… for the past couple months or so my anger has been really intense. It’s gets so bad that I’ll get migraines and lash out on undeserving things… or I just shut down completely. I don’t know, is this post me admitting I need help? Asking for help? Hoping I can help myself? What? I’m on the brink of ruining my most important relationships and I know it… I just can’t control myself. I can’t help but feel monstrous. I’m tired of snapping at my boyfriend for no reason and realizing a second too late how uncalled for my words or actions are, I’m sick of the pent up anger at my mom for her wrongdoings. I’m so angry at myself for being who I am, for feeling this need to be so angry. I used to be happy. What happened? I sit here violently painting picture and pacing the perimeters of my house searching for answers within myself, looking for relief. I try journaling and meditation and find no peace. I think there is something seriously wrong with me. This isn’t run of the mill moody.

One thought on “Stuck In My Own Head. Help?”

  1. Counseling… you may need just a few sessions to get the right tools to figure out how to help yourself. Remember too that people change and transition many times in life…sometimes it’s a horid process normally in your younger years. But life has seasons as well..when you are able to adapt and look for the adventure in it you will feel better.

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