Why would I want to be or need to be your bitch?

I honestly do not believe there is a simple or straightforward answer to this question, but upon your request I will do the best that I can to express how I feel.

A few weeks ago, I had no idea that I’d be discussing the possibility of being anyone’s sub. I hardly ever expect things like this to happen because so many people in this lifestyle really don’t have a clear understanding as to what we as submissives may really need. It’s always one sided where the Dom takes takes takes and never provides which is what I’d expect from one. If I had to guess, I’d say about 22% of Doms actually have a desire to meet those needs. You, Sir are within that 22%.

Often and early on I’ve had to dismiss those who were trying to sell me a message full of garbage. You’ve marketed yourself very well, which is what most good things do. It takes no effort to sell what’s good and what’s in need and that is very impressive.

I’ve heard you say on more than one occasion how much you are interested in knowing all of me. How you thrive by gaining mental control and how you would take great comfort and pleasure making sure that I am the best bitch walking this earth. I believe you are genuine in craving this sort of success. This makes it more than easy to WANT to be your bitch.

Your instruction along with my NEED to be obedient would go hand and hand with what we are both desiring at this point. Your firm persona and my NEED for a strong black man in my life would be ideal and I believe you would be the epitome of the black man I need. And although I am not as broken as I could be, your eagerness to be here for me is something I’ve always needed. My NEEDS have been being met since our first interaction. In rereading this I don’t know if there is a need because at this point you’re exceeding them effortlessly. With that being said I’d only need it if you were to walk away. As of right now I’m being fed all that I need. Thank you Sir.

-Your Pretty Bitch

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