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This is my first time in here. I dont have any place to write all of my thought before until.i found this apps… I love to share my story but i don’t really know whether there’s any people who willing to read my journal. Im a master student in mechanical engineering. I just broke up with my boyfriend. He left me without any words. Im really sad. I really hope that he would tell me why. Feel free to read. Ill will read your journal back… bye2

3 thoughts on “First time user”

  1. I kind of slipped into another field for my PhD, but I also have a Master in engineering! Welcome!
    Of course it is difficult to imagine at first, but sooner or later you will get over your boyfriend and trust me, being a girl in engineering you will have guys queuing up for you. 😉

  2. Hello there! I had an ex-boyfriend leave me without an explanation before. I was devastated and it was very hard. Just know that you’re not alone, I know how hard and confusing it is. Stay strong!

  3. hey I’m a newbie today but just came across your post , just wanted to say hey … I have had someone leave me without any explanation, with nothing …. but the worst thing is even years later he still pops up every now and again and tries to make me feel awful all over again , just remember You Are The Most Important Person In Your Life …

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