The actual first day of school

You know what, it feels like today was the actual first day of school because one it was the whole day till 3 pm, second we were actually in class learning things and not to mention the home works we already got.

First period I had Ethics. My guy best friend (Blaise)is in my class! but he sits very far because the teacher made us sit in alphabetical order. We only shared a fist bump because class already started and as always he was late and later when class was over we hugged and talked.  I missed my Ethics teacher from last year A LOT. He was one of the best teachers I ever had. I don’t hate this new educator but I don’t fancy him as much as my other teacher. He is a nice lad though maybe I’ll start liking him even more later I don’t know.

I’m feeling bad a bit because I didn’t talk to the new guy, I was walking behind him while going to the lockers section then I got in front of him then next to him. Trying to avoid getting hit by the giant guys. Because of the amazing people of my school who bumped into me, my hand hit his hand and the only thing I said was I’m sorry but I don’t think he heard it but still I didn’t say hi or asked how he was doing. I should have, he is new. We don’t know if he knows people in the school or is he new new and doesn’t know one single person.

Then I had french. I just couldn’t believe who was in my class! Paige! I was really happy but I  don’t think she was when she saw me sitting in the classroom when she got in. I didn’t want her to feel like this is going to be a horrible class because I’m in it you know. The teacher is a super nice lady and she is very organised, I think we will all have a great year with her and succeed our french final exam.

Lunch time was okay, I had lunch with Oliver and Asher afterwards we walked around the school because we were bored.

Well, Gym class was fun since we didn’t do anything. The teacher spend the whole period talking about the rules and regulations and life. I am not complaining. I barely move in gym class anyways.

Finally the Chemistry class we all have been waiting for impatiently. As always being herself she told us about the reality which is how we all are to going to struggle to pass chemistry.  First class and she gave us a test! Everyone in the class didn’t know what t do. No one studied before coming to class! But after everyone was stressed out she later told us she won’t be grading it but still being us we all keep on freaking out because she will see how we work without studying which is very bad. Out of the 6 questions I did only 3 and 2 of them are high probably wrong but oh well I didn’t study don’t blame me.

Time to go home now. When Catherine hugged me randomly something that Felix said kind of hit me. I don’t know if he was joking or not but he said “oh you have friends? I didn’t know you had friends?” Usually I don’t mind his comments about everything because he is kind of mean pretty much all the time but when he said it I felt this hole inside me. I felt alone, I was alone actually. It’s okay right? to let you feel things from times to times instead of being the cold person you try to be? Catherine and I decided to walk… she didn’t have her bus pass and was planning on to buy something to drink with her money. We walked to the shop and dear lord there were so many people that we walked to Tim Hortons. It felt like since we didn’t do anything in gym, we were compensating it by walking so much. It was great though. It had been a long time since we spent time together. Blaise was on the opposite side of the road with his friends. Cat made me cross the road when the lights were red. So I was yelling at her saying what if we died and a bunch of random things. Blaise waited for us and said that I was crazy. Rude much! we talked for a few and then he left to go with his friends. We finally got to Tims and we both got ourselves iced cappuccinos and a cinnamon bun for me.  Cat left to go home and I went to get my bus to go home as well.

It was a nice day I must say. Something is bothering me now though. Blaise texted me asking to have lunch with me alone. I really hope everything is alright for him because we’ve never had lunch together he is always with his guy friends and the only times we’ve talked alone it was because something was wrong.

Anyways, I’m going to finish my chemistry homework. Good night I guess.

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