Had a nice weekend with my family.  Love spending time in the woods with my kids and husband as we did on Sunday eve.  We are so fortunate to have beautiful hiking within walking distance of our house. The trees, rocks, small waterfalls – all so peaceful.  The smell of the forest.  The quiet of it.  It’s all very restorative for me. My kids sometimes put up a fuss when we suggest going there, but then they have a great time.

I got to spend time with my brother and SIL on Sat. H and the kids went to see his dad who is in the hospital due to a fall.  He is ok. Just needed some observation. I met my bro and SIL at a micro brewery not far from here.  They dropped my nephew off at school then came up to meet me.  We had a great time together. Great, fun place to visit.

I miss my sister.

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