Seperating souls, me from my own.           Even in your presents, still all alone.           Watched you fall from the pedestal I had you on. Block out all emotion, escape from this mind. Nothingness surrounds me. Black and White collide.

Maybe it was illusion, perfection at it’s best. Heavenly hell of confusion, peaceful pain…such a beautiful nightmare. I just wanna stay fixed in that intoxicating stare. Lost in the Grey.

Cold inside..close but too far. Building this wall. Locked up all the secrets of my heart. Run out of effort. Drifted apart. Are you here at all? Living on regret… right from the start. 

Were we really strangers pretending all along? No feelings left to wager. What’s left of us is wrong. Dancing in the those flames did burn. FATE, what a liar…Black and While collide…Grey we’ll never learn



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