“How’s Your Boyfriend?”

Don’t get me wrong. I love Glenn. I really do. Despite the rocky patches, I’m holding onto this and I want a life with him.

I just wish people would stop immediately asking me about him. “Hi Erika, haven’t talked to you in months and don’t know a thing about what’s been happening with your life, you could have died for all I know, how’s Glenn?”

THERE IS MORE TO ME THAN GLENN. Glenn is a very important part of my life, but that’s just it….He’s a PART of my life. There are other parts to me than my relationship. Glenn does not define me as a person.

“So how are you and Glenn doing?” WE’RE FUCKING SWELL. He’s swell. I’m swell. Ask me about work! Ask me about my life plans! Something other than my love life!

One thought on ““How’s Your Boyfriend?””

  1. Erika! Hi there and hope this message finds you well. I understand your frustration..but keep your calm. Yes, its easy to advise but may be its not that easy as you think. As a reader of an anonymous post, I need not care waste my time commenting but as a human being I guess there is an onus on each of us to try doing our bit to make the world a better place. Do not worry on who asks what – but just give them an answer (anything) and move on. Life is ought to have its distractions and sometimes/most-times it comes in the form of people. Keep your calm, don’t forget to smile and have a fantastic day ahead. That momentum will take you forward and give you better moments.

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