I Found Books

Thankfully my ID didn’t get blocked, It was relieving I didn’t have to go and ask for a stamp on my arm because that’s just time consuming, I was probably 25 minutes late when I attended Filipino class, I’ve been late many times already, so I think I’m probably going to fail my Filipino subject. The Filipino Professor discussed something about us failing this term, great! just the lecture I needed. He said that we would be more independent in our next semester because our block section will be disbanded somehow, since most of us would probably be failing some subjects we will be separated to different classes because that’s the reality. He mentioned many will be failing in our class, oh well, he said that if you know you’re failing, it’s okay, just move on and know that you can repeat the subject, he told us not to worry much, you will just repeat another 10 weeks of this subject, he probably wanted to give us the perspective that 10 weeks isn’t that long. The professor talked to us in a humble way, I think he’s a pretty cool professor compared from before, he may be strict but he has very interesting philosophical discussions, actually he doesn’t just get his ideas from our book, but mostly through his own logical thinking and his experiences, he would even sometimes show his humorous side making the class laugh out loud at some points.

I actually found a book about Music in the library, It was the only book I saw that was related to music in the Literature in Music section of the bookshelf though there was just only one freaking book about music, there were lots of art related books surrounding it because also a bookshelf section related to arts. The book actually got my interest, I started listing some key words from it on my small notebook. I even found this other book about College Writing Skills, I learned more I about writing from reading that book, It mentioned that writing is a learned skill rather than a natural gift, which means anyone can learn to master this skill when they have the true potential to do so, It also says writing is a process of discovery, which means you make up new ideas that aren’t really planned before writing, you discover new ideas as you’re in the process in writing.

Angela barely talked to me today, it’s pretty mysterious that she would just stop bringing up conversations with me. Is it because I’m not making the first move? Is it just because I’m being quiet?. I actually tried doing a first move such as asking small questions, but she gives me very simple responses such as the words “yes” and “no” which make it seem like she’s uninterested, she doesn’t even open up to me anymore. She still does talk to other guys and gets to have fun with them but me, it just makes me sad that I felt like a failure when keeping her as a friend.

I would probably feel more comfortable and confident with my self If I could speak Tagalog fluently like how I would speak English, if learned how to speak Tagalog in the most legit way, I could have made a lot more of friends, I could have been able to talk to those girls at class that I’ve always wanted to be friends with. I could be more of a higher character among others. I just wished I could be like that, I wanted to make more friends.

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