I Think I’m Failing

My throat feels a little sore and I started coughing, I’m still having a runny nose, I had to bring the toilet paper with me. Did this sickness really come from getting wet in the rain, or did I just got infected from another person that it was just some coincidence that my symptoms started to occur as the rain was happening.

I’m getting late for class, there was some light traffic on the sky way, the bus had been running slightly slow on the road. It’s such a stress not getting to class in time knowing it’s going to affect my grades, but does it even matter anymore?, I think I would probably fail this semester anyways. I took my online midterm exam for Filipino yesterday and I got a score of 7 out of 100, which was pretty disappointing. I even had online assignments on Algebra which will be recorded 30% of my grade, and I barely answered much. I left some answers blank, I’m afraid they might block my ID from gaining access to the school that they would make me go to some office and tell them to unblock it for me.

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