Page of Positive (please reply)

The Objective is to say something/somethings positive about yourself. Whatever you write down has to be a positive thing about you and if for any reason you get down on yourself on that day remember your positive statement and your day will be better. I will start of each “Page of Positive” with a daily affirmation.

Daily Affirmation: The past is just that the past. The future is just that unknown. But the present is were greatness can and will be achieved as long as you believe in yourself.

My positive statement is that “I am worthy of LOVE.”

2 thoughts on “Page of Positive (please reply)”

  1. Hi there! Thank you for posting this, I was feeling very sorry for myself and needed a boost. 🙂

    My positive statement is “I am creative and imaginative and will go far with my mind and my skills.”

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