Running will free your mind

Yesterday I felt a little to distracted and kind of like my head would explode if I didn’t take something, but I’m trying not to do that Anymore so instead I put on my running shoes and I left to this beautiful place, you can see in the pictures.

It was a rain day yesterday, but it didn’t really bother me. Really needed to get some peace in my head..


So I started running and I was going really fast. After a while it Hurt so bad, but I just couldn’t stop.

I imagine myself running like it would kill me if I stopped, even just to take a short break. That kept me going.

I ran the whole 3,5 miles from one side of the Lake, to the other and when I was back at the bridge where I started.. Ahh I haven’t felt that good since.. Well I can’t even remember really.

I sat there for a while in the shitty weather and didn’t mind at all, that I was getting completely soaked.

But then I got back to my car and I realized that I forgot to turn off the lights…



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