A consistent theme in my professional life has been a lack of interest in the work I do. So why don’t I do something else? Because I am content – not happy – content – doing a mediocre job for a crappy salary. I have had good paying jobs in the field that I have been working in for the past 20 years. But the stress that goes along with those good paying jobs is more than I want or need in my life right now. When I returned to work in 2013 after a 15 month hiatus – most of which I spent consumed by my sister’s cancer – I jumped into a very stressful position. I drowned in it. After 6 months I took a different position within the company – with less hours, but significantly less pay. I was fortunate that the position was available. I’ve been content with it. I have enjoyed a flexibility that I have never had before in my professional life. I basically work around my kids’ schedules. But honestly, if this whole minimum wage hike thing goes through, I will be making less than someone flipping burgers will. Granted, I have good benefits. I’m essentially working for the benefits.

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