How to spice up your food part 2

I like cheese and crackers. They are a little snack that I used to have over a relative’s house. And when I say cheese and crackers, I dont mean putting a sheet of American cheese on top of the crackers. I had cheese that you can squirt out of the can. I wish I could remember which brand of canned cheese I used to get, because they are not all equally good. One particular brand of canned cheese made me nearly gag.

But enough about what I don’t like.I enjoy apples with peanut butter. The peanut butter dominates and gives the apple some real flavor. A friend of mine suggested this idea.

Next, I love subway.Since I’ve been to subway a few days before posting this, I got a BLT sandwich without tomatoes . Yes.I know I was missing out on a very healthy and important vegetable.but I just did not want any. I asked them to include lettuoe,mayo, mustard, and jalapeno peppers.Jalapeno peppers made the sandwich spicy. It also helped to boost up its greatness.

And another thing-Syrup is not the only thing I use for pancakes, biscuits, and french toast. When ‘I’m not using syrup, I put jelly on those breads.

Oh, and I also love baked potatoes with chili.

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