Just Lost My Wallet

Lost my freakin wallet, I couldn’t remember what happened to it, the last time I knew where it was, it was in my pocket, what could have possibly happened to it?, where there pick-pockets around me last time?, it’s hard to remember if anyone came near enough to me that they would be able to reach the side pocket of my shorts in which I’m mostly aware of, it’s even hard to believe that the people I sit next to in the bus actually robbed me, they looked like innocent people to be stealing anything. Oh well my wallet literally looks like an american dollar bill itself that it could catch the attention of robbers.

It’s just really odd that when I am given some good time to study, I just take it for granted, I seem to procrastinate too much, I’m afraid that it might be impossible to avoid this bat habit, but that’s just plain ridiculous, of course I could get rid of it, I probably just need to control my self more strictly

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